Corporate Membership

Why should my business become a Corporate Member?

The Perth Swing Dance Society (PSDS) introduced the corporate membership to its constitution in 2011. The main aim of this was to look at further developing the relationship between the PSDS and other organisations that have a connection to the swing community; primarily swing dance schools.

By holding a corporate membership, the school and the PSDS are agreeing to foster a positive relationship within the Perth swing scene through advertising each other’s events, sharing ideas and working collaboratively as opportunities arise. Key benefits for members include increased opportunities to meet and dance with people from a range of swing schools across Perth and increased exposure to a range of swing dance events being held.

Benefits in holding a corporate membership to the PSDS for the school include:

  • Free entry to PSDS dance events (excluding Hullabaloo) for up to two teachers
  • Half rate for hiring PSDS equipment for school related events
  • Priority to hiring Hullabaloo teachers (in the case of multiple interest, this will be on a first in priority or a sharing arrange will be discussed. Subject to availability and may not be an option each year)
  • Priority listing on the PSDS website (also listed as a corporate member)
  • Free upgrade from a Social Pass to a Full Pass for two teachers (one lead and one follow) for Hullabaloo

Expectations of Corporate Members

  • Schools will advertise and promote all PSDS events such as dances, social events, Hullabaloo and other events in their newsletter and classes
  • Schools will include a link to the PSDS website on their school website Note: In relation to this agreement, a teacher is a person who teaches on a regular basis for the school.

NB: In relation to this agreement, a teacher is someone who teaches on a regular basis for a school.