If you have an interest in swing dancing, music or culture, then you should consider becoming a member of the Perth Swing Dance Society. There are two types of membership to the PSDS:

  • General Membership (for individuals)
  • Honorary Life Membership (for people who have contributed to the PSDS and Perth swing community over a long period of time – by annual nomination only).
How do I join?

To join the PSDS, simply complete the online membership form relevant to you by clicking on the buttons to the left of this page or via the link below:

Individual Membership

*By becoming a PSDS member, you are agreeing to adhere to the PSDS Code of Conduct.

How much does it cost?

FREE!! We decided that we would remove the fee for joining the PSDS, so go ahead and join up now!

Honorary Life Membership

Nominations are opened once a year and up to two people can receive the honour in a PSDS membership year. This is typically done around the time of the AGM. The membership is awarded to people who have contributed significantly to the PSDS and the Perth Swing scene.

The PSDS would like to recognise the following Honorary Life Members:
– Fiona Kemp
– Cheryl Glasgow
– Jarrad Marshall
– Michelle Turner
– Deb Palacios
– Shawn Rego
– Glenn Moore
– Deb Moore
– Roger Schmidlin
– Janet Tolifson Porter

For any questions regarding membership please email