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Social dancing is back!

Posted Sunday 4 October 2020 by Perth Swing Dance Society in
Social Dancing is BACK! While most people in WA are feeling pretty chuffed that we are returning to a more ‘normal life’, please be mindful when you head back social dancing to help support venues, musicians, fellow dancers, yourself and the general public. Here are some tips when you decide to head out again… after all, we should be doing these all the time:
  • Buy a drink! Venues have been hit hard by COVID so show them your support!
  • Buy a ticket and music! Musicians and bands have been hit super hard by COVID, so support them by buying tickets to gigs and buying their music.
  • Hygiene is still important- wash your hands frequently (you know the drill), bring hand sanitiser, a sweat towel and spare t-shirts.
  • Not everyone is ready to dance. Some people might just want to dance with their partner or some might just want to listen to the music. Let’s be respectful of what everyone wants to do.
  • And MOST importantly- if you’re unwell, please stay home! We love you but you can keep your germs to yourself.

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